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LISTCAT PLUS - Tune VSAM, save disk space:

LISTCAT PLUS is an inexpensive replacement product for IDCAMS LISTCAT that saves paper, time and disk space, and improves VSAM tuning. It processes VSAM and ICF catalogs and reports on VSAM datasets, VSAM volumes, and non-VSAM datasets sorted by dataset name or volume. It works with all types of disks including FBA.

LISTCAT PLUS software looks for problems while printing the VSAM tuning reports. Files with excessive CI splits or CA splits, wasted disk space, etc. are highlighted. It also checks record size versus CI size, buffer space, index-levels, actual index CI size versus index CI size needed, etc. and prints messages explaining the problem. Many users save enough disk space to pay for

LISTCAT PLUS the first month. LISTCAT PLUS also builds a comma-delimited extract file which can be downloaded to a PC and analyzed with Excel or other spreadsheet software.

LISTCAT PLUS takes about 3% of the paper required for an IDCAMS LISTCAT. By just printing exception reports using LISTCAT PLUS Adhoc Report Writer, you can reduce VSAM administration time to 1% of the time required using IDCAMS Listcats and do a better job.