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BufferPoolTool – The DB2 buffer tuning solution:

Buffer Pool Tool is the industry leading, and worldwide standard, software for tuning DB2 for z/OS buffer pools, and Sysplex Group Buffer Pools - Buffer Pool Tool for DB2. This supports DB2 versions 8 & 9 & 10 & 11.

New data analysis capabilities

Partition Analysis - Object performance data is analyzed and presented both at a summarized, and individual partition level. This allows the performance analyst to see exactly which partitions have been used, how they have been accessed, and the detailed performance characteristics of the overall object and all its pieces.

 Group Buffer Pool performance data is presented, that allows the analyst to see how the primary pools affect GBP performance, and how GBP performance is helping or impacting primary pool performance. Sizing itself, is just the tip of the iceberg for tuning activity and performance across a sysplex.

 New performance reports show how shared objects are accessed by each member in the data sharing group, which is essential for performance analysis and tuning across the group.

New Simulation and Performance Prediction capabilities - Group Buffer Pools:

New simulation capabilities predict the performance effect of different pool sizes for each Group Buffer Pool, and the local pools on each group member. Simulation of group pool activity can support the activity of 32 members across a sysplex.

 Cross-system replication factor will show the user, at both pool and object levels, the simultaneous cache frequency of pages in different local pools

• This evaluates the potential benefit of using the cache all option for an object.

• Simulation allows the analyst to specify the cache option for individual objects in a pool, and see the varying effects upon performance without impacting a production system.

Workstation Component

An enhanced workstation component provides additional levels of graphic analysis, and unique information notobtainable form any other product. Some pf the highlight of this upgraded version are:

• Sequential Scan costing for the entire system, and then at both the overall system, and pool level for the twenty most heavily scanned objects

• I/O costing that shows the CPU cost of I/O activity for the entire system, and then at both the overall system level, and pool level for the twenty most heavily I/O intensive objects.

• Graphic analysis of Group Buffer Pool Performance simulations/predictions of pool performance at different numbers of buffers, and with varying performance options.