Horizont User Day 2005

The Horizont User Day on the 11th May was a great success. With almost fifty delegates there, the joint sessions filled the Music Room at Radbroke Hall, Knutsford.

The technical experts on hand included:

Tim Weddle of Horizont – Maestro (TWS Distributed) Guru and main author of TWS WebAdmin
Karl Huber of Horizont – an expert on OPC/TWS and TWS/Graph
Helmut Ziegler also of Horizont – an expert on Xinfo and Horizont’s other products
Bob Delataste – an independent OPC/TWS specialist with wide experience of implementations and migrations

And amongst the companies in attendance were:

Alliance & Leicester Girobank Plc. Barclays Technology Services Cap Gemini Centrica CIS Ltd Citibank Express Gifts HboS PLC HSBC John Lewis Partnership IBM UK Mars/ISI NPower (Yorkshire) Norwich Union RAC Royal Mail Yorkshire Building Society

Feedback from the delegates in attendance
On the WebAdmin Presentation one attendee said; “I was surprised, we’ve got the product, we know how fantastic it is compared with everything else out there. If I was you I would have BIGGED IT UP big time, but you just told us how to use it effectively.”

Linda Adams for HBoS wrote:
“Quick note to say how much I enjoyed the user group this week, came away with lots of information and some new contacts which is always good. Some guys in my team have already had a play around with the demo on the Seguswebsite and like what they see.”

Others commented:
“It was great to meet Tim (Weddle) and other delegates and attendees. Thank you.”

“Good Balance, Technical Spread – All covered, Venue- Top Notch.”

“Not enough time, needs to be a longer day or two days”

“WebAdmin is an excellent product but not enough time was spent showing its true advantages”

Downloadable Presentations
Distributed Presentations
zOS Presentations

Interactive Demos
TWS/WebAdmin demo
username: demo password: demo

For more information: blenheim@compuserve.com or inspired@inspired-solutions.co.uk

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