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SQData A leading enterprise-wide ETL & CDC data integration tool:

QData offers industrial-strength, near-real-time data integration solutions, which includes high-performance changed data capture (CDC), data replication, data synchronization, enhanced ETL and business event publishing. SQData specializes in the high-speed delivery of legacy mainframe data (IMS, DB2, VSAM, etc.) into data warehouses and downstream applications.

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Replication Solution

SQData offers a complete end-to-end replication solution for customers who have a need to synchronize their relational and/or non-relational data with near-real-time latency.

SQData provides several high-availability, disaster tolerant options for replication, which include Active-Active, Live Standby and Active Downstream.

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CDC Enhanced ETL

SQData offers a comprehensive changed data capture (CDC) solution for optimizing existing ETL processes by eliminating the need for costly bulk unloads of source data. On average, only 3 to 5 percent of customer data changes during a 24 hour period. SQData’s CDC Enhanced ETL solution captures these delta changes to source databases and stages them for processing by existing ETL products, saving significant CPU processing cycles and time.

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Live Check

A Real-Time Verification/Synchronization Solution for Relational Databases. SQData LiveCheck Relational is a high-performance, cross-platform relational database comparison tool designed to verify the level of synchronization between two (2) or more active databases without having to take an application outage. Managed through a web-based control center, LiveCheck Relational provides you with the ability to continually monitor multiple databases to determine if they are in-sync, alert you if a discrepancy is found and provide you with a method of re-synchronizing the databases