The Horizont User Day, HUD ’10 Roadshow

The HUD was fantastic! Congratulations! The organisation was spotless and the sessions and their presenters were great. I make no secret to say that XInfo for me was the most interesting piece of software of the HUD, although of course I can see potential in all the others.Rui Miguel Feio, Independent Consultant

It was a good session. With being on site the venue is ideal. It’s difficult for me and my team mates to pull away to Bedfont Lakes. Having Dean Harrison from IBM there was a boon: his TWS knowledge, experience and insights are invaluable and made the day a worthwhile investment of my time.

I would rather have the opportunity to attend both streams — mainframe and distributed. Perhaps shorter sessions with the opportunity to swap streams would suit me. I now have to do stuff on UNIX, not just z/OS. I’ve copied in my team managers so they know how much I like you and the Horizont products.Peter Smith, Barclays

Dean Harrison from IBM with what’s new in TWS
Dean Harrison from IBM with what’s new in TWS
Another attendee said:

I thought the day went very well. It was well organised in a very good setting and the pace of the day seemed bang-on. I am afraid I can’t come-up with very many suggestions but that is probably a good thing.

I was amazed at how well the Horizont guys managed in something other than their Mother-tongue. I didn’t struggle to understand them at all and they fielded questions so well. I hope things went similarly in Manchester and that the speakers feel it was worthwhile making their journeys.

Please let me know when you arrange the next User Day event, even if it is to be two years hence, and pass-on my thanks to everyone involved.

Thanks very much it was good to put names to faces. Particularly liked the guitar discussions with Karl!

As we are now using TWS/WebAdmin in anger across the board we are appreciating the product more and more.Darren Richardson, Yorkshire Building Society

I was glad I managed to attend the HUD. I was also glad that both Adrian and I attended so we could cover the majority of the streams. The day was very useful and informative. I particularly found that speaking to Joerg about migrations.

As a company we are in a transitional period with systems being both created and consolidated over a huge estate. The sessions were informative and I enjoyed chatting at networking over lunch and after the formal sessions. I’ve already had a few LinkedIn invites following the event.

It was the best event for TWS networking that I’ve ever been to, with so many experts.Ryan Sheldrake, Lloyds

So what were they all so pleased about? The two day roadshow gave them the opportunity to hear the experts from Horizont and IBM share their experiences, and the future direction of the TWS and the Horizont products. But the highlights for many were the two new products: ProcMan for TWS and JCL change management, and TWS/WebAdmin for zOS, which does what it says on the packaging.

The two days: — 20th & 21st September 2010 — were hosted by IBM in London and Barclays at Knutsford (near Manchester) respectvely. Speakers included Dean Harrison from IBM and Karl Huber, Helmut Ziegler, Joerg Eichler & Radek Svitak all from Horizont.

With 40 attendees from 18 companies there was a wide breadth of experience and discussion, as well as a lot of networking during the day. It was clear that many of the attendees were facing similar challenges of migration and consolidation of TWS between both machines and platforms. Many of the Horizont solutions provided them with a clear way forward.

All the presentations are on the Horizont USB stick given out at the User Day; if anyone needs more copies, please contact us.

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